Below is some information relating to registration with our club; but before that happens, we would like to see your child swim!

You can organise an assessment for the coach to see which squad would suit your child best based on swimming skills and age. To book your assessment please get in touch with our Head Coach, Pat Stellino on 0481 943 022 or email

Following an assessment, you will get all the registration forms and fee schedule from our club registrar, and we can welcome you into our PAC family!





We are an affiliate of Swimming WA and regularly have members competing in Regional, State, and National competitions. 

Members with Peel Aquatics are required to register with SwimmingWA, which provides benefits such as exclusive member discounts, comprehensive insurance cover, access to scholarships and grants, and eligibility to compete at a variety of swimming events. 

Current Swimming WA registration options and associated annual fees include:

  Optus Junior Dolphins (aged 7 and under)  FREE 
  Junior Competitive Annual (8 years)  $   60.00
  Competitive Annual (9 years +)  $ 119.00
  Annual Leisure Swim/Fitness/OWS   $   38.00
  3-Meet Competitive Trial (new members only)        $   49.00


The Swimming WA membership fee is charged per annum and needs to be paid directly to Swimming WA. If you register with a swimming club for the first time, we will invoice you for your initial registration with SwimmingWA and the club pays the amount to SwimmingWA on your behalf. Please note, however, that members are now required to renew their SWA membership themselves. SWA membership is renewable in October each year. Please email our Registrar if you need further advice on how this is done. The link below will take you straight to the renewal page: RENEWING MEMBERS





As with any sport, there are associated fees. Peel Aquatic Swimming Club relies on swimmers’ fees to pay for the coaches and lane hire, equipment and other club operating costs. We are a non-profit organisation, and 100% of all fees collected go back into running the club and providing a great swimming experience. 


1. Annual Peel Aquatic Club membership

PAC Club membership fees are paid annually in May. The fee payable depends on age or the squad the child swims in. (Members joining in for the summer season will be charged at 50% of the rate)

 Annual Club Membership (8 years +)  $ 130.00
  Deduct $10 from PAC Membership for 3rd family member      
  Deduct $15 from PAC Membership for 4th family member      

OR one of the below


 Annual Club Membership for all Optus Jnr Dolphins (swimmers aged 7 or under)*  FREE
 Annual Club Membership for Peel Dolphin Squad (if 8 years or above)  $  60.00

  * Club membership is free for swimmers agend 7 or under irrespective of the squad they swim in 


2. Monthly squad fees

PAC Squad fees are paid monthly and include coaching fees, MARC lane hire fees and club night fees. They vary depending on the squad the child swims in. 

 Peel Dolphins (1 session per week)  $   42.00
 Bronze Squad (up to 3 sessions per week)  $   93.00
 Silver Squad (up to 5 sessions per week)  $ 104.00
 Gold Squad (up to 6 sessions per week)  $ 114.00
 Jnr Performance (up to 6 sessions per week)  $ 129.00
 Senior Performance (up to 8 sessions per week)  $ 142.00


All applicable fees are due and payable after you have attended three training sessions. For any further questions regarding these expenses please contact our Registrar or Treasurer.

Peel Aquatics reserves the right to exclude swimmers from training sessions and other club activities if fees are outstanding for an extended period until fees are paid in full. Swimmers can be deregistered with Swimming WA for late/non-payment of fees preventing them from attending or registering at swim meets or with another club. A minimum 4 weeks notice is required should you decide to leave the Peel Aquatics Swimming Club, with a written notification sent to one of the committee members. Swimmers are not able to transfer to another club if any funds are owed to the Club.

If a swimmer is out of the pool for a period of time throughout the season due to illness, injury or holidays, please note that fees are still payable. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. If a situation arises that your child is unable to participate in training sessions under medical advice, for a minimum of 1 month, a medical certificate is required to be to be considered for fee adjustment. 

If you wish to make payments online, the club banking details are available from our Treasurer once completed registration forms are received. Please ensure you include each child's name in the description when making your payment.





We accept KisSport vouchers. KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees. The fees go directly from the local government to the registered KidSport clubs participating in the project.

KidSport vouchers are worth $150 a year, and can be used for club registration and coaching fees.  
Families with a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card can now apply online.  

For more information visit the City of Mandurah Kidsport webpage